The Second City: Skyline’s the Limit

Get ready for a comedic view from the top, with The Second City’s 87th Mainstage Revue, Skyline’s the Limit! From the tallest skyscraper to the deepest TTC tunnel, this all-star ensemble will take you for a wild ride through the stratosphere of humour. Laugh with us through the art of scamming, unwelcomed eye contact, the controversial yet brave approach to eating kiwis, and even how to navigate municipal bylaws on recycling! Join us, for a night of sky-high comedy that will leave you floating on cloud nine!

“Second City Toronto’s first-rate new revue Skyline’s the Limit hits the heights of hilarity!” – The Globe and Mail

Read the full Globe and Mail review here.

For tickets, and more info about the show, check out this link!